CentAuri Republic

Octurion Class Battleship The size seems a bit small, compared to the various cruisers. I may increase its size somewhat in the future.

Primus Class Cruiser: Based on the 3-view from Richard Bax's SCS, not the 3-view in War of Retribution, which is horribly innacurate.

Centurion Class Cruiser

Vorchan/Demos Class Cruiser

Dargan Class Strike Cruiser

Balvarin Class Carrier

Corvan Class Scout

Altarin Class Destroyer

Sulust Class Escort Destroyer

Kutai Class Gunship

Darkner Class Frigate

Mograth Class Frigate

Maximus Class Defense Frigate

Haven Class Escort

Lias Class Transport


Razik Light Fighter An older Centauri fighter, weakly armed and armored, good only for anti-piracy work in the present era.

Sentri Medium Fighter The primary Centauri fighter, an excellent interceptor, but not intended for anti-shipping duties.

Rutarian Medium Strike Fighter A new, advanced Centauri "stealth" fighter. It is heavily armed and almost impossible to target, but is also very rare and can be supported only by specially equipped warships like the Dargan and Balvarix.