OFFICIAL Earth Alliance Ships


Poseidonova Class Battleship AoG's April Fools SCS for 2000, which can be found here, on the Variants Rejects page, since AoG doesn't archive April Fools SCS'. As long as you stay on its flanks and don't get in the HLPA arcs, not too nasty.

Nova Class Dreadnought From the series, but also a pair of updated, homegrown, designs. A SCS is available for the Nova Gamma, but not for the Omega. The Omega represents the final upgrade of the Nova, since it will probably remain in service for some time to come, as Warlock production seems to be quite slow.

Cortez Class Explorer The Earth Alliance's Explorer, shown with Omega for comparison, roughly half the scale of the rest of the pics. Now, I've heard two different lengths for the Explorer: 3 miles and 3.8 miles. Majority opinion on the B5 Tech Board favors the 3 mile version, so I've updated the drawing accordingly. There is a SCS for an upgraded Explorer.

Poseidon Class Super Carrier AoG design, don't have the mini, so the scale is based on components that it seems to have in common with the Omega. References were pictures of the completed miniature found on Starship Modeler and the pictures in the Atlas of Earth Alliance Wars supplement for B5Wars. New reference views from LPK Computers were used to correct the drawing. Thanks to MrPunch for sending them to me. Some details are still somewhat dubious, but I think it looks much better than it did.

Avenger Class Carrier AoG design for one of the EA's first carriers, introduced in the late 2100's and a veteran of the Dilgar and Minbari Wars. Carries 48 Starfuries.

Orestes Class Monitor Old, slow, and sluggish, but heavily armed. Designed strictly for system defense (not even jump capable!), the Orestes is very rare by the early 2260's. With the release of "Ships of the Fleet" for B5W, we now have an official drawing of the Orestes, done by Richard Bax. I've changed my drawing to his. My Orestes drawing will be recycled into something else...

Hyperion Class Cruiser From the series, but I've also created an "updated" design, though I don't have an SCS for it. Based on the original work of Lars Joreteg, creator of the Hyperspace website. Modified 7/9/00 based on review of various shots from In the Beginning, which seemed to indicate some different geometry to the "towers". The Hyperion Gamma Assault Cruiser and Hyperion Beta Missile Cruiser are from B5Wars and these drawings are conjectural.

Warlock Class Destroyer Not 100% accurate, but pretty close, I think...check these two pages for more information on the Warlock: The Warlock Project and The Warlock^3 Project Both sites proved invaluable in designing this drawing, especially in trying to tie down details. The primary basis for the drawing were the pictures released by the staff of the "Into the Fire" simulator that was cancelled last year. Also, I've done a version in the same color scheme as the Hyperion, sort of a "retro" look.

Omega Class Destoryer From the series, but also including the Gamma command model from AoG.

Shadow Omega The one and only....basically took my existing Omega drawing and added a bunch of spikes.

Oracle and Sagitarius AoG designs for an Elint cruiser and Missile cruiser, both pre-Minbari War designs.

Delphi and Apollo AoG designs for replacements for the Oracle and Sagitarius. The ships themselves are canon B5W, but the drawings are totally conjectural, with the only information available being the SCS since no actual pictures of these two have been released.

Olympus Class Corvette A very old EA design, possibly dating back to before contact with the Centauri. Still in service in the 2260's, with a new model under construction.

Artemis Class Heavy Frigate A powerful, heavily armored warship, with railguns that can punch through the thickest armor. An effective unit during the Minbari War, but all were destroyed and political opposition to ammunition dependant weaponry prevented any more from being produced.

Cronos Class Attack Frigate An AoG design, though, like the Delphi and Apollo, the drawing is conjecture. A replacement for the Artemis and Olympus classes.

Tethys Class Patrol Boat A small, extremely versatile patrol craft, with numerous variants.

Hermes Class Priority Transport Based on the drawings in "Ships of the Fleet", an Earth Alliance courier, lightly armed, intended to run if discovered.

Cotten Class Fleet Tender A semi-cannon design, apparently intended to appear in "In The Beginning", but cut at the last minute. NOTE: I have been informed that this may not really be the Cotten, but instead is just a generic EA freighter designed for the Earth Force Sourcbook for the now defunct Babylon Project RPG. I had heard that the Cotten CG model was built and filmed and then cut from "In The Beginning", so I'll leave this here until better information comes along, like official pictures of the Cotten.

Earth Force One Transport for the President of the Earth Alliance. Three exist, one for the President, one for the Vice President, Earth Force Two, and one reserve, which is useful when they "accidentially" explode on approach to Io. :) Not too sure about the scale, it doesn't look too terribly big compared to the Star Furies escorting it.


Babylon 5 Needs no introduction....shown at the same scale as the large size comparison charts, about 6.7 meters per pixel.

Babylon 4 Our second to last best hope for peace, until it was stolen and sent back into time, where it became the last best hope for victory over the Shadows. Confused? Drawn to the same scale as B5. I'm not going to add it to the EA Canon size chart, its too big. So, instead, here is a comparison of B5 and B4, or is it B4 and B5...whatever, its a small comparison picture. I'm not entirely sure about the size of B4, I've seen estimates from just over 5 miles, to 8 miles. I settles for the smaller size for now.


Aurora Class Star Fury, both plain, and with missiles, ala Thirdspace...the design everyone automatically thinks of when they hear the name Star Fury.

Badger Two seat Star Fury Still don't think the rear end is right, damn near wore out the tape reviewing its brief scene in Voice from the Wilderness, Part 2.

Thunderbolt Class Star Fury The first atmospheric capable Star Fury, and one of the most powerful fighters in known space.

The next four fighters are from The Earthforce Sourcebook for the now defunct RPG. AoG has used designs from that game for B5Wars, so I've included these models on the Canon page. They represent the evolution of the Star Fury from the late 22nd century up to the beginning of the Earth-Minbari War. Now, AoG has indicated that the current Aurora design is based on captured Dilgar tech, but the RPG has the Nova serving from before the Dilgar war until the Minbari War, and the Aurora being introduced in 2244, at the start of the war. I can only assume that AoG means that Dilgar tech was incorporated into the design, improving an already excellent design. We'll know for sure quite soon, since the Dilgar War supplement is due any day now. I've already ordered my copy!

Scale Note: I guesstimated somewhat on the sizes for these fighters, the Aries and Flying Fox are rather large, the Tiger somewhat on the small side, though its lack of large engine pods on the wings makes it look smaller. Its cockpit area is roughly the same size as that on a later Fury.

Aries Class Star Fury Introduced in 2170, this was the first Star Fury. A good first start, but had structural problems.

Flying Fox Class Star Fury Introduced in 2180, basically an upgraded Aries.

Tiger Class Star Fury The first to use the "X-wing" design, though the main engines were still located near the fuselage, with the RCS jets on the wingtips. Introduced in 2203 and served through the Dilgar War.

Nova Class Star Fury Introduced just prior to the Dilgar War, and served through the Minbari War, the immediate predecessor to the Aurora.

Atmospheric Shuttle The Earth Alliance's standard atmospheric capable shuttle. Shown at half scale.