CUSTOM Earth Alliance Ships


Dreadnought The munchiest of munch, a Battleship to beat all battleships, and NEVER built. Consider it President Clark's wet dream. :) Its on my SCS page. The drawing shown is the latest modification of the design. An earlier incarnation is shown here.

Orpheus A post-Dilgar battleship design, equipped with medium lasers, pulse cannons, and Heavy Rail Guns. Not a success, and only the prototype was built, as the Nova was seen as a superior platform. SCS now available! I've also done other views Front/Rear and Side/Top/Bottom as well as a size comparison of the Orpheus, Nova, and Hyperion.

Nova Gamma Class Dreadnought Prototype An attempt to create a more powerful version of the Nova. The Gamma replaced the eighteen Medium Laser/Pulse Arrays with Heavy Laser/Pulse Arrays. The resulting firepower was astonishing. In a test firing in 2260, the EAS Scipio Africanus all but obliterated an old Nova target ship with one volley. Regretfully, the ship's power grid overloaded and shut down in the process. Despite extensive efforts to fix this critical shortcoming, Earth Force technicians were unable to fix the problem without totally redesigning the ships power distibution system. With the Warlock coming on line, it was decided to end work on the Gamma variant, and in 2262, the Scipio Africanus was itself destroyed while serving as a target for the new Warlock class Destroyer, EAS Rhiannon.

Nova Omega Class Dreadnought The Warlock class was intended to replace the Nova, a starship design created at the dawn of the 23rd century. However, that advanced design suffered from numerous production delays and Earth Force decided to undertake a program to upgrade existing Nova class Dreadnoughts to serve at least till the end of the century. It proved to be an expensive undertaking and only a handful were actually modified before the program was cancelled. New engines greatly improved maneuverability, and a better power distribution system, linked to newer, more advanced weapons, made the Nova Omega a formidible platform. One by-product of the massive modifications required was the addition of artificial gravity. The ships converted were basically stripped down to their main sturctural members during the process, so adding it wasn't as difficult as some had feared. But, the conversion cost almost as much as a new Warlock, and by the early 2270's the problems that had slowed Warlock production were mostly solved, and it finally began to replace the Nova as intended.

Santa Maria Class Explorer By the late 2260's and early 2270's, the Earth Alliance, having narrowly averted virtual extinction due to the Drakh Plague, began a renewed interest in deep space exploration. After some debate, it was decided to design a new explorer class starship from the ground up, incorporating the latest technology in the Earth Alliance's possession. The Santa Maria class was the result. It was the largest starship designed by the EA to date, over 7500 meters long, approaching the scale of Babylon 5 and nearly dwarfing the original Cortez class. Crew and cargo were concentrated in the forward hull, itself larger than a Warlock class destroyer. Eight huge engines drove the ship, but it was by no means an agile starship. Even the addition of advanced propulsion technology, first used on the Warlock, did little to aid maneuverability, but was the only means capable of moving such a massive vessel. Artificial gravity for the crew was a bonus of this drive system, superior to the rotational section on older vessels, which were bulky, complex, and vulnerable in combat to damage which would either disable the system, or rip the ship apart due to stress. The Cortez design of the 2250's had strictly defensive weaponry, and not very strong at that. Recent history lead the Earth Alliance to give the Santa Maria vastly superior firepower, superior to most race's destroyers, so that it could defend itself from hostile powers more effectively. Eight heavy laser/pulse arrays, first employed on Omega Command Cruisers, were mounted on the forward hull. Over two dozen smaller defensive turrets and a powerful interceptor grid added to the ships defensive capabilities. A complement of 48 Thunderbolts were included to defend the ship, and escort shuttles on atmospheric survey missions. The huge frame section held jump gate components, since the primary purpose of the explorers was to find "interesting" systems (resource rich systems) and leave junp gates so follow up teams could more fully investigate it.

Nimitz Class Carrier A personal design for a late-era Earth Force carrier, muchy, but not over the top, IMHO... SCS is available. Obviously based on the Warlock.

Shinano Class Carrier A personal design for a Minbari War era heavy carrier, replaced by the Poseidon class in the 2260's. Here is my "fluff text" describing the ship's history. A SCS is available.

Essex Class Carrier Based on the Omega hull, but with 48 fighters, SCS available.

Normandy Class Heavy Assault Ship My design for a dedicated Earth Force Assault ship, loaded with assault shuttles, breaching pods, and Thunderbolt escorts, though its own armament is limited to defensive weapons. I have yet to design a SCS for it, since I just finished the drawing.

Shadow Warlock MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! um...sorry, got carried away there. What if Earth Force still had Shadow Tech, and the means to use it? It seems that Crusade would have shown that they did, in two Season 1, unfilmed, scripts by JMS. Sooooo....oh, BTW, the SCS IS available.

Omega Kappa Class Assault Ship An obvious modification of the Omega, this variant increased the size of the spin section and also increased the engine thrust to compensate for the added weight.

Omega Theta Class Elint Ship Not to be confused with Meade's Elint Omega, this is my own design, with an SCS available. Named EAS Amphilochus after the founder of several Oracles....

Omega Rho Class Heavy Destroyer A conjectural design from the mid-2260's for a major upgrade of firepower and maneuverability. It was not carried out due to cost.

Omega Phi Advanced Destroyer A heavily modified Omega class destroyer, which entered service in the early 2270's. These are not refits of existing destroyers, but rather are new construction. Not as heavily armed as the Warlock, but slightly more maneuverable and simpler to produce since many components are common with the older Omega. The biggest change is the removal of the spin section, thanks to upgrades to the engines which are now gravitically enhanced. Weaponry is similar to the Warlock, with six MLPA's, though the arcs are not as wide. Railguns are mounted forward on the former heavy laser mounts, with two missile racks on the main hull. Additional defensive particle beams were added aft, and all were upgraded to the more compact style used on the Warlock. The design is nicknamed either "The Whale" or "The Turtle" thanks to its distinctive look, especially the central section and the protruding missile launchers.

Mercy Class Hospital Ship Intended to replace the converted liners used by the Earth Alliance since the Dilgar War, the Mercy class used the tried and true Omega class hull as its basis, removing all but the interceptor grid to comply with interstellar law on the arming of hospital ships. An enlarged spin section provides more room for patients and staff, while the large shuttle bay carries medevac shuttles. A zero-G burn ward is also included, and the medical equipment on board is the best the Earth Alliance has to offer. Some have expressed concern that the use of a destroyer hull might lead to accidental attacks, though the ship is clearly marked as a hospital ship and the advantages of using a proven hull design, and one that is much faster, and effective than any comperable civilian vessel, are seen as outweighing that possibility.

Mystique Class Light Cruiser Obviously inspired by the Warlock, this is the "Warlock lite". No huge particle cannons or missile racks, just LPA's, standard particle beams, and a dozen or so T-Bolts. If AoG publishes imporved Rail Guns, as they hint in the FA Warlock description, it might get some.

Ardent Class Monitor Envisioned somewhat as an Orestes replacement, smaller and less powerful, but more maneuverable.

Electra Class Monitor A new Earth Alliance monitor, developed in the late 2260's as the final replacement for the ancient Orestes, and the younger, but more limited, Ardent. She is heavily armed with ten medium laser/pulse arrays, two railguns, along with defensive weapons and long range missile racks, and carries a complement of fighters. It has a Warlock style gravitic drive and artificial gravity, but lacks a jump engine since it is intended to operate in support of colonies with jump gates. The lack of a jump engine also provides a considerable savings in construction costs. With artificial gravity, it can stay on station for extended periods without a loss in crew efficiency, a major advantage over the Orestes. It can also run circles around the Orestes, though even an Explorer could do that! Still, it is a very capable defensive unit. The first examples are being sent to border worlds, primarily those along the Centauri frontier.

Apache Class Escort A personal design, aka Apache class. A modern (late 2250's) EA escort, no gravity, 12 Starfury or T-Bolts, medium weapons, no SCS yet...

Odin My design for an Olympus replacement, no SCS. Probably a dozen fighters, moderate weaponry...

Space Stations

Polaris Class Orbital Complex My design for a "small" EA space station, similar in concept to the Centauri Marcanos and Narn Ja'Dul. Lightly armed, with a squadron of fighters. Designed for systems that don't rate an Orion, or as orbital industrial centers, etc...


Remora Assault Craft Designed to get marines to a target no matter what...combining aspects of a breaching pod and a fighter, probably in the "super heavy" range, SCS now available...btw, I updated the picture so its now the same scale as the rest of the fighters.

SA-29 Mustang Medium Fighter An Earth Force medium fighter, basically a smaller, single seat, Thunderbolt, weaker armor, fewer missiles, and less structure, but slightly faster, and has the added advantage of being able to be carried by older ships that couldn't accept Thunderbolts, though some modification is needed to their hangers. Its SCS is on my SCS page.

SA-31 Falcon Medium Fighter The Falcon is an attempt to merge the manueverability of the classic Starfury with the atmospheric capabilities of the Thunderbolt and Mustang. The newer, atmospheric capable fighters, had their cockpits extended forward from the main body of the ship. This reduced manueverability in space by moving mass away from the center of rotation, and increased the g-forces on the pilot when making rapid maneuvers. The Falcon attempts to solve these problems by sweeping the wings forward, moving the engines to a point near the fighter's balance point. The Falcon is also lighter than the other two fighters, being on the border between a light fighter and a medium fighter. It cannot carry the larger missiles used by the Thunderbolt, only the smaller dogfight missiles. Still, it is equipped with the powerful gatling pulse cannon that makes the Thunderbolt and Mustang such feared units and is intended primarily as a dogfighter.