ISA John Sheridan In the late 2270's, the ISA began a program for a flagship, a "Super Victory". Over the past decade and a half, many of the kinks had been ironed out of the Victory class' systems, and it was the mainstay of the Ranger's fleet. It was felt, however, that the ISA needed something larger, something that could serve as a command ship for the ISA fleet. Commisioned about a year after the death of the first ISA President, it was named in his honor. It lacks the "main gun" of the Victory class, because its power consumption would leave the ship too vulnerable to attack. It made up for this with other weapons, primarily improved neutron lasers and molecular pulsars, and a powerful defense grid. A large fighter complement aided its defense. No SCS, inspired by a drawing by Daniel Haughton, the Bismark.

Victory Class Destroyer The Excalibur, from Crusade. A hell of a tough one to draw, thanks to scarce resources to work from. Not 100% accurate, parts of it are "best guesses". Its based entirely on screenshots and rather long periods sitting in front of my TV with a sketch pad, watching the parts of A Call to Arms that weren't somehow erased! For the best repository of Crusade screenshots, visit Hyperspace's Excalibur reference page. He's got a tremendous number of shots there.

White Star Class Gunship I've settled on about 275 meters for the size, color is an improvement over my original, but still not really accurate.

Raith'dail Class Strike Cruiser Drawn by Entilzha Proph and originally designed by Stellardyne Industries. See Hyperion's page for the background behind the design and an SCS. Here is a direct link.

Sinclair Class Gunship My design for an enlarged White Star, not really a replacement, more of an intermediate unit between the White Star and Victory. I'm planning to do an SCS for it, suffice to say it will be somewhat more powerful than a White Star, with a dozen or so fighters. They are named after Rangers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.