Corumai Class Dreadnought The largest warship in the Brakiri (and Ak-Habil Conglomerate) fleet, and a very attractive looking warship. Regretfully, it is also a very expensive failure. Terribly underpowered, the example sent to fight in the Shadow War broke down on the way and wound up being scrapped. Others were lost due to mechanical failures in combat.

Avioki Class Cruiser The mainstay of the Brakiri fleet, and especially the Ak-Habil Conglomerate, it is large and powerful, but lacks fighter defenses.

Tashkat Advanced Cruiser Built by Im-Rehsa Technologies, this cruiser uses the latest in Brakiri technology. The Takata variant is equipped with gravitic mines and is rumored to have been developed with the aid of the Shadows.

Cidikar Heavy Carrier Built by Ly-Nakir Industries, a Brakiri faction that specializes in fighters and carriers, this is the second largest Brakiri carrier, and only three exist, their construction yards being destroyed in the fighting inspired by the Shadows between the League nations.

Brokados Class Carrier Ly-Nakir's primary carrier, modeled somewhat on the EA's Omega Class.

Halik Fighter Killer Ak-Habil's escort vessel, geared towards anti-fighter defense. The Haltona variant is a frigate with different weaponry designed for ship to ship combat.

Ikorta Assault Cruiser Built by Pri-Wakat Concepts and Solutions, this is an assault vessel, equipped with several assault shuttles and breaching pods. Ly-Nakir uses the Brikorta variant as a light carrier.

Falkosi Light Fighter A small, fast, lightly armed and armored fighter built by Ly-Nakir.

Pikitos Heavy Fighter A large, heavily armed fighter fielded by Ly-Nakir. Shown at half-scale.


Stormfalcon Heavy Cruiser The largest Drazi warship, it also comes in a carrier version, the Nightfalcon.

Sunhawk Battlecruiser The most common Drazi warship. It, and the Warbird shown below, are hosts to numerous variants, including carriers, assault ships, and command cruisers.

Warbird Cruiser A slightly smaller version of the Sunhawk, the most distinguishing feature being the diffferent engine section.


Xonn Dreadnought The largest and most powerful Vree warship, equipped with a plethora of antimatter cannons, shreaders, and antiproton guns.

Xill Battle Saucer One of the more modern Vree saucers, equipped with two turret mounted antimatter shreaders.

Xorr War Saucer An older Vree design, with three turrets, each with an antimatter cannon.