Minbari Ships

Minbari Federation warships

The Tigara, Leshath, Neshatan, Torotha, and Troligan were designed for AoG by LPK Design and were released to the public in the new "Ships of the Fleet" book as well as the Earth/Minbari supplement for Fleet Action. Their site has color images of the various ships. The sizes for these new ships are guesstimates on my part.

Velarian Class Battleship: My design. By the late 2260's, the IA had fielded the Victory class Destroyers, equipped with the latest in Minbari technology, along with Human technology. The Warrior Caste was somewhat concerned that this new ship was superior to the existing Sharlin and Shargotti classes, and began work on a new design, incorporating much of the new technology first introduced in the White Star class a decade earlier, such as Molecular Pulse Cannons, and Improved Neutron Lasers. The design also incorporated electromagnetic shields, but the Warrior caste was unable to use adaptive armor, since the Religious Caste refused to cooperate on the design, calling it unnecessary and useful only for aggression. One ship was built, but the Grey Council stopped construction of two additional ships, calling them wasteful and instead ordered Minbari designers to look into the feasibility of upgrading existing designs. The two hulls were mothballed pending the results of the upgrade study.

Shargoti Class Batttlecruiser: Updated to make it a little more distinctive compared to the Sharlin, but not too much...

Shatara Class War Cruiser: A new design, intended to incorporate the latest Minbari technology into a possible replacement for the Sharlin, the basic hull of which is now about 1,000 years old, having entered service just after the last Shadow War. It has a combination of three Improved Neutron Lasers forward and two regular Neutron Lasers aft, with five forward Molecular Pulsars, and two aft. It also carries two Nial squadrons. The new design also uses electromagnetic shielding, but not adaptive armor, since the Minbari have not been able to successfully produce it since the Vorlon's departure. It does use a new alloy for the hull, allowing lighter weight with the same protection. This allows the Shatara to be faster and more maneuverable than the Sharlin.

Sharlin Class War Cruiser: The symbol of Minbari military power, and the primary unit used in the Earth/Minbari War. The original hull design entered service almost a millenium ago, just after the last Shadow War.

Tigara Class Attack Cruiser: A smaller Minbari War Cruiser, but not one to be taken lightly. Its Molecular Disruptors lack the range of Neutron Lasers, but have a higher average damage.

Leshath Class Scout: Basically an Elint version of the Tigara.

Troligan Class Armored Cruiser: Intended to get in close and start moving ships around so other Minbari can whack the stuffing out of them.

Neshatan Class Gunship: A Minbari version of the EA's Nova Class Dreadnought. Along with its firepower, they also copied its slugishness! Despite the fact that it looks almost like an enlarged White Star, its a real pig when it comes to maneuverability, but pitty the fool who gets centerlined by it!

Morshin Class Carrier: Basically a big box full of fighters, four dozen to be exact!

Torotha Class Assault Ship: The Minbari's primary planetary assault transport, capable of landing on planets and disgorging its troops.

Tinashi Class War Frigate: An ancient design upgraded for the modern era.

Fighters and Small Craft

Nial Class Heavy Fighter: The primary Minbari fighter of the past few centuries, superior to the fighters of any of the younger races, though the new EA Thunderbolts are rumored to be able to give it a run for its money.

Tishat Class Medium Fighter: Introduced during the last Shadow War, the Tishat is the predecessor to the Nial. While smaller and more lightly armed, it is more maneuverable and is still favored by some in the Warrior Caste, despite its age.

Flyer The standard Minbari shuttle and small medium range transport. It is also apparently used as a scout and is armed with two fusion cannons similar to those used on Minbari fighters. Shown at half the scale of the fighters.