Narn Regime

These drawings are mostly just blow-ups and colorizations of the 3-view drawings on Richard Bax's sheets, found here. The Bin'Tak and G'Quon were redrawn and modified by me, since the 3-views, scanned originally from the War of Retribution book, were somewhat lacking. Ultimate FX, Ultimate Paint, and Paint were all used for the colorization process.

Bin'Tak Class Battleship: The big guns of the Narn fleet. Check Eon Graphics for some spectacular Bin'Tak images, and a movie featuring the Bin'Tak. Increased its size 9/23/00 after a post on the Tech board put its size at about 150% that of a G'Quon according to AoG. The new version isn't quite that big, but is larger than the old by about a third or so...

G'Quon Class Cruiser

T'Loth Class Cruiser

G'Karith Class Patrol Cruiser

Var'Nic Class Long-Range Destroyer: Um...wonder if there is a left handed version as well?

Ka'Toc Class Battle Destroyer

Rongoth Class Destroyer

Dag'Kar Class Missile Frigate: The Narn "pocket rocket"!

Sho'Kar Class Light Scout Cruiser

Sho'Kos Class Patrol Cutter

Thentus Class Frigate

Arcismus Class Supply Ship Fleeing the Centauri tyranny, the last supply ship, Arcismus, leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest, for a grimy planet known as Narn! Sorry, but just look at it!

Frazi Heavy Fighter The primary Narn fighter, surprisingly hard to find good references for. Most of mine came from Hyperspace, including screenshots.

Gorith Medium Fighter Based on a drawing by Entilzah Proph of an AoG design for a Narn medium dogfighter.