Pictures on the Starship Modeler site helped immensely in drawing the Cruiser, which then served as the basis for the Dreadnought, and will serve as a basis for the light cruiser.

Dreadnought (large warned!) AoG's beast, monstrous in every respect.

Heavy Cruiser The mainstay of the Vorlon fleet, which means it can eat Minbari cruisers for lunch. The Heavy Carrier uses an almost identical hull.

Light Cruiser A smaller version of the Heavy Cruiser, lacking its secondary weapons.

Destroyer A workhorse unit in the Vorlon fleet, with Escort, Scout, and Light Carrier variants. Size is "guesstimated".

Transport Looks identical to the Destroyer, only considerably smaller. Perhaps they grow up to be DD's! :)

Fighter Large, and extremely powerful, an excellent match for Shadow fighters, and far superior to the fighters of the Younger Races. Shown at half the normal fighter scale.