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PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:39 pm 
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Everything I've seen or read says it was two 'winders, two Sparrows, and a pair of Buffaloes (AIM-54 Phoenix), along with drop tanks and the gun.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:44 pm 
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United Systems Navy wrote:
Wolfman wrote:
If certain politicians get their way, we may not have much of a Navy left by 2020...

We have more navy then the entire world put together. I think we can lose a few ships without being considered a total disarmament, maybe put the money into more pressing domestic issues while we're at it.

We have a two ocean policy, and as such we need a certain number of ships to meet our operational commitments. China is an emerging blue water power and I strongly suggest you look at China's pennant list from 1990 and compare it to 2014's, and what's projected for 2020. If it doesn't surprise and worry you, then nothing any of us can say will enlighten you.

You can't build a modern warship in a few days or weeks, you're looking at a few years for it to be built, tested, and handed over. This isn't WW2, the ships are far more complex and have components that take quite some time to produce.

As for domestic issues, as much as I want to say something more, no politics.


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:57 am 

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Kurt, WWII is an interesting case study in ship production. Of all the major combatant types, every one was in final design - if not construction - when the War broke out. Of the 'War-designed' generation, only 3 classes were ever built, the Midway class large carriers, the Des Moines class heavy cruisers and the Mitscher class large destroyers. Of those, only the first two Midways were completed before the end of the War, but still too late to serve in it. The Des Moines class completed in the immediate post-War years at a reduced pace and, IIRC, the Mitschers didn't finally show up until the early 1950s - and even then they were still missing their War-planned 3"/70 twin automatic secondary armament and spent the first several years of their lives with the "interim" 3"/50.

The new CVN 78 class carriers were initially granted Detailed Design/Non-Recurring Engineering funding (basically the point at which the project goes from a paper proposal to an intent to purchase a hull) under FY2001 and the first one won't be commissioned until 2016. That's 15 years not including the time it took to get from the Request for Proposal stage to the DD/NRE stage. This was the real lesson the US learned from WWII, when you need to fight, you need to have the hulls already in the water because it takes too long to design and build a navy even from as advanced a starting point as they had.

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