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 Post subject: SeigeStar Barbatos
PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:48 am 
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Hello Guys

ive been a member of the sci fi meshes for many years but due to things beyond my control i didnt have the time to design any more ships and most of my work on the BS Triton and Warstar Goliath were never completed.

however since watching BSG again it has rekindled my love for designing new ships and i thought id start off with something a little different this time.

the Seigestar Barbatos was a colonial project which started around 30 years after the first Cylon war, it was the test bed for many new weapon systems which would then be fitted to later classes of ships such as the Mercury Class Battlestar, The Admiralty decided that the need for a ship that could have a better standoff capability compared to any other ship in the fleet, and being able to outrange any potential Cylon capital ship but a factor of 5 was classed as a top priority after the conclusion of the 1st Cylon war , the ship was designed around its primary armament which consisted of 14, 508mm canons, these guns were designed to not only fight basestars and any other Cylon capital ship/station it was fired at but also had the ability to fire low yeild nuclear warheads and HE ammunition capable bombarding structures on the planet with pinpoint accuracy, unlike missiles these shells traveled at such a speed that no counter battery or CWIS could stop them which made the Barbatos a very interesting prospect for the colonial military as they predicted that in the event of 2nd Cylon war their nuclear weapons would be intercepted or shot down before they got close to their targets due to Raider swarms and the Cylon's advanced countermeasures. the main armament was capable of reaching out to over 1000km and had an average shell dispersion of under 100m at max range.

the 508mm guns were automatically loaded using a very sophisticated system which had never been used on this many guns on a ship of this size, the main magazine was protected by a thick citadel and re-enforced bulkheads and compartments to mitigate the damage caused by a potential ammunition cook off or explosion.
the ammunition used were caseless versions of Armour Peircing Ballistic Capped shells which were mainly used for ship to ship combat, High Explosive for planetary bombardment and HVALY (High Velocity Atomic Low Yeild) and an experimental "Beehive" round was being developed to protect the ship from overwhelming fighter craft attack. The fact that it was caseless made it possible to implement these types of guns. would not need to load a cased round and have a complex casing extraction system to remove the spent round once it had been fired which enabled the guns to have a very consistent rate of fire of 24 round per minute.

but the 508mm guns wern't the only new weapon system to be implemented on the Barbatos, there was a new form of CWIS which used a smaller version of the 508mm behive round and smart rounds with proximity sensors and times fuses to intercept any incoming threat to a range of 25km, these guns were used primarily to protect the vunerable parts of the ship which were the main guns, the hangar pod, engines and CIC which was again contained in a thick citadel. the 40mm guns were used in automated turrets of 4 guns each and worked in pairs to ensure the firing solution of the ship was consistent during a high volume missile attack.

The Barbatos was designed to fight showing its topside armor which was in places over 410mm thick of ceramic/alloy composite armor which was capable of defeating all colonial guns,missiles and most low yield atomic weapons. only weapons in the 25mt range and above caused the armor to crack and shatter.

the Barbatos was also a testbed for many new innovations in electonic warfare, being able to jam enemy dradis at ranges which were incocevible before. its own dradis cross section was low and emitted a signature no larger than a freighter. it also had a signal scrambler which corrupted all guided missiles fired in her direction. however this system was still in its infancy and couldn't handle high volumes of incoming fire.

Orignally the Barbatos was only going to have a small hangar bay for the use of raptors and transports, but the Admiralty decided that a she would carry a compliment of 60 vipers but keep her dradis signature low and not compromise on its armor protection. so engineers had to remove one of the main drive engines and have the landing deck on the underside of the ship, she lost some speed but was not compromised on protection. the deck was capable of landing larger patrol craft and corvette and smaller replenishment ships.

however the ship was not without its deficiencies

the underside of the ship was thinly armed and armored, it was slow and cumbersome to maneuver. its FTL drive was one taken from an older decomissioned Battlestar due to the project costs spiraling out of control some sacrifices were made to ensure the project stays on track. she had limited storage for food/water and the quarters were very cramped as the main interior of the ship was dedicated to ammunition handling and storage. luckily due to a high level of automation the ship had a small complement of 1248 crew. The flight pod was designed to be a self contained unit, with crew quarters, mess rooms and heads for all the pilots and crew working there, this was to ensure that in the event of combat the vipers would be out of the tubes in under 5 minutes.

Barbatos was completed 5 years before the Cylon surpise attack on the colonies, she was built at a secret naval dockyards near the colony Scorpia, hidden in a resource asteroid brought in to harvest raw materials for the Scorpia shipyards.

anyway i think ive given enough back story (apologies if its not very fluid its been a while since ive been at this)

here is the early stages of the design please feel free to give any suggestions/tips



 Post subject: Re: SeigeStar Barbatos
PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:10 pm 
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Nice work man, can't wait to see final design.

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