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Sketchup - Follow Me tool problems
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Author:  Edward_Wolf [ Tue Jan 04, 2011 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Sketchup - Follow Me tool problems


I was experimenting with large cylinders, this one is about 10 kilometers in diameter and 20 kilometers long. I wanted to use it as a kind of blanket of volume within which I would try and work on asteroids. But right off the bat I'm running into problems.

This next picture is a zoom in on the lower half of the forward truncated cone.

I made the cylinder's circles out of 360 segments, so I could zoom into a portion of the asteroid and add an outpost or a mine or something science-fictiony without seeing the jagged edges of the circle. The problem is now whenever an imperfection crops up, it is usually very very hard to spot.

And, for reasons that are beyond me, every time I try and use the follow me tool something like the above happens. Either a rectangle will disappear, or it will permanently change colour, or it will just... invert in an odd way. How do the other SU users avoid this problem when working with curved surfaces?

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