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PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:36 am 

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Armament: 10 x Dual Turbolaser Turrets, 8 x Heavy Turbolaser Cannons, 20 x Ion Cannons, 20 x Point-defense Laser Cannons, 4 x Tractor Beam Emitters
Length: 349.38 meters
Height: 123.35 meters
Crew: Unknown
Complement: Unknown
Shielding: Equipped
Nav Computer: Equipped
Hyperdrive: Class 1 with a Class 8 as backup
Engines: 2 x Primary Drive Engines
Serving as the primary capital ship of a splinter cell of the Old Galactic Empire calling themselves the "New Order". The New Order is composed of primarily former Galactic Empire Navy men that were once part of a task group that was ordered by Emperor to patrol the Empire's borders, especially those bordering the Unknown Region. The reason was never given to them, but many had speculated that some unknown threat lurked behind the shadowy cloak of the Unknown Region. These men and women saw themselves as the first line of defense against any extra-galactic threat, and this notion carried over after the Empire's defeat.

Stripped away from their powerful Star Destroyers and whatnot, the New Order made do with whatever they could get their hands on until l they got enough money to start building their ships. Unable to order ships as large or as powerful as the Imperial-Class Star Destroyers, they made do with the Aurora-Class Star Frigate. It was small, but they could order a good amount of them and they were powerful for their size. Strong shielding, and hull armor, and a modest amount of weaponry made the ship a powerful foe. However, the key feature of these ships was their high degree of automation with many of the ship's sections only being operated by droids, or droid brains. This design feature was due to the New Order's small size, they simply didn't have the numbers.

Though low in numbers, the New Order took up the mantle as the "Galaxy's Defenders" patrolling the galactic border, especially around the unknown region, ready for any threat to the Galaxy to emerge. These elite soldiers have thrown away their old "Imperial" titles are willing to help anyone, regardless of their affiliations. They acted as peacekeepers tot he systems their patrols took them through, and only intervened when lives were on the line though they have been known to back away from conflicts if their presence is unwanted, which is more common than not thanks to their former affiliation to the Empire.

The actions undertook by the New Order granted them only a passing glance of the New Republic, which for the most part, left them alone. Members for the New Order were recruited from all across the Galaxy, even from within the New Republic, though most of their recruits came from the outer rim. New Order cadets underwent a three-year-long training program based on what was learned by the Old Empire, the Old Republic, plus a few other lessons learned since either. This training was tough and rigorous but created Soldiers greater than the Old Empire's Storm Troopers, but not as grand as the Old Republic's Clone Troopers. However, these soldiers were still seen as elite units in the known Galaxy.

A standard New Order tour/rotation typically lasted around 6 months to three years, depending on mission-specific details and could take New Order members far from their homeworlds.

Following the invasion of the First Order, the New Order's leadership gathered to debate if the First Order was the threat from the Unknown Region they've been preparing to fight. It was unknown what their verdict came out to be.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:41 pm 

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If this design is only 350-ish meters, I'd suggest ditching the heavy turbolasers. (imo) heavy turbolasers require substantial supporting hardware that is more than just the surface-level emplacements. That much hardware for eight turbolasers would probably take up most of the space inside a 350 meter ship. Star Wars turrets, like our own turrets, are 'tip' of the iceberg stuff. A lot of the mechanics and electronics are below the surface, and what's above the surface is barrel, elevation/rotation.

Maybe make them just quad mediums?, with 10x dual light turbos. strip down to 10x ion canons, but keep 20 pdw

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