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Admiral Davis Nagala stood at his operations table looking over the fleet that was being assembled to try and hold back the Cyclon fleet that was tearing it's way though colonial space. He looked over at his aide Colonel Albright and the man was holding a fist full of dispatchs and updates on what ships were going to be able to make it here on time for the battle and which ones were just to far out to get to Virgon in time to help out.

"Colonel what are we looking at as far as the number ships that can make it here" Nagala asked the man, "so far we have 18 battlestars, 33 gunstars a mix of carrier and assault, and then we have 21 destroyers, thats all that have shown up so far but our intell is telling us that the cyclons are massing near the moons of picon right now, so there trying to do the same thing were doing before they jump here to engage us" the man told his long time friend. "what ships do we still have out there that can make it here in time" he asked
"right now we can easily say 4 more battlestars and 10 more gunstars the destroyers have been hit really hard i will be hard pressed to see anymore of them jump in" Albright told him. Nagala looked down once more at his table the thing that his eyes keep drawing to is the fleet of civilian ships forming up behind the moon Charon on the other side of Virgon, the only protection they had were a half dozen patrolstars that the Virgon Planetary Guard sent to try and keep the civilians formed up and ready to jump out at a moments notice. Then he heard the voice of his comm officer say that three more ships have jump in and were asking for orders."what ships jumped in" he asked "sir we have the pocket battlestar Hippolyta and here two escorts Oracle and the Delphi both are Titian class gunstar carriers"the young woman said. He stood up and thought about it for a quick moment and looked back at the young girl and told her to order the three ships to the far side of the planet to help cover the civilians ships. He then took out a small scratchpad he kept in his back pocket at all times and flipped to the page he wanted to a random set of numbers and then walked over to the comms and quietly told the girl to send these coordinates to the Commander of the Hippolyta and for her to jump all ships there to that set of coordinates and wait for further orders. the young woman nodded and went about the task given to her.

Admiral Nagala was looking over the battle line they have formed up and was making fine adjustments to it when the same young comm officer said she had Commander Adama on the line for him, he just nodded and went back to his operations table and picked up the handset and put it to his ear."Commander Adama how in the name of the gods are you and that old lady still alive" he joked with his old friend,"well sir we do have several old squadrons of mk II vipers and we pressed them into service sir, were on our way to Ragnar Anchorage to rearm and will be with you as fast as we can" the old war horse told him. "Bill listen up there is no way you can get here in time to do any good and you know that, I will redirect all remaining ships to you that can not make it here in the next hour, I don't think we have much longer than that before the cyclons show up and we both know how this is going to play out, we can hold for a while but they will overwhelm us because of our ship losses" he said. "what are your orders Davis" Adama asked. "im going to give you a set of coordinates and I want you to take all ships under your command to that set of coordinates and there will be a set of orders there that will tell you what to do from there do you under stand Bill" Nagala asked "yes sir, how long do I wait at Ragnar before jumping out"Adama asked "I have only five ships that are in your area that will jump to Ragnar but there some of the newer ships we have 3 Argonaut class battlecruisers and two Mercury class battlestars, if you think it's safe to send out raptors to find any civilian ships do it we need to save as many as possible" he said "I will get on it right away sir and may the gods be with you and your fleet Admiral"Adama told him "bill one last thing your now Admiral Adama i'll send a shuttle out right now to you with the order and the pins they should be there just in time" Nagala told his old friend with a smile on his face "thank you Admiral we won't let you down"Adama said then he put the handset down.

Colonel Albright came up and stood next to Nagala and leaned over and asked him a question "sir have you called or set Emma her orders for evacuation of Islay yard yet" the old colonel asked. "no not yet going to wait untill it's to late for her to jump here and join the fight i want her to head to Spartan station " Nagala said "so as soon as the first cyclon ship jumps in send her orders to take every ship that is manned and ready to go and all the personnel at the yard, she has the plan that we developed in case this ever happend, I know my daughter colonel she will want to come here and fight but call me selfish for wanting her to survive this holocaust" he said "no problem Davis i'll get the orders ready to send cause I don't think we have much time left" he said

For another 90 minutes the crew of the Battlestar Alantia waited untill the dradis operator yelled "cyclons jumping in" , Nagala stood up and looked at his Colonel and the old man picked the handset and set a order to the Admirals daughter to evac her Reclamation yard and head to Spartan Station as fast as possible. He finished up the call and then walked over to the operations table and stood next to Nagala and told him his work is done and for him to get on a shuttle and head to Ragnar "the hell I will, your crazy than I thought old man my place is here on the bridge of this ship leading this fleet into battle we need to hold them as long as possible and I know i can do that" Nagala told him "sir we need you to lead the fleet but not this one the fleet your sending to Spartan needs you, yes Bill Adama is a great man but the fleet still needs you at the helm so please go now while there is still time" Albright begged him. " Al drop it my minds made up, i'm staying and fighting" he said "I knew you were going to be a hard headed son of a bitch about this, so i'm sorry about this ahead of time". Then Nagala felt a sharp pin prick in his arm and he looked at Albright as he was pulling a needle out of his arm and then everything went black quickly for the Admiral. "Marine get the Admiral down to the hanger bay and on a FTL shuttle and send it off to Ragnar ASAP do you understand me hurry"

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More please, sir. This is turning out to be a good story.

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